who we are

Maxluz´s Technological solutions are created entirely by Mexican talent complying with a global standards.

We concentrate the entirety of our production chain in Mexico because we trust the talent of its engineers and the reliability of its workers. Mexico is a country with competitive costs that offers many opportunities to generate resource optimization technologies demanded by our society from scratch.

We are involved in all of the development phases of our luminaires and energy-generating equipment –product design, process engineering, manufacturing and testing-; this allows us to constantly reinvent ourselves in order to offer continuous improvements and customization for our national and international clients.

With Maxluz’s innovating solutions, big cities, rural areas and small urban concentrations will consume energy more efficiently and will be able to produce their own resources.
Only through innovative thinking and performance will we be at the forefront of our industry. Through the optimal and sustainable transformation of our communities we will set the best example to the global society.

Our certifications

MaxLux is a 100% Mexican corporation committed with innovation and quality, complying with all certifications insuring optimal performance of its products.

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IP 67

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Made in Mexico

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Energy Star

Our support

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Our technological partner, Pounce, is a highly specialized corporation in the development of integral systems to take advantage of scientific progress for the benefit of human beings. This gives us the confidence to fulfill the goal for which we were created: to provide an answer to the great questions regarding the future of our society, the well-being of citizens, the continuity of our productive life and looking after our environment.

The corporation considers innovation and technology as social development factors. It operates from Guadalajara, in western Mexico, the city with the greatest community of young engineers committed with the technological needs of the globalized world. It has corporate offices in the U.S. and in other Latin American countries.

MaxLuz was born with the same mentality of Pounce and with the latter’s experience. It has an integral focus and is involved in research, development and manufacturing